A game of conquest & brutality

In Aztez, you expand and maintain the Aztec empire through turn-based strategy, while managing violent outbreaks via real-time beat 'em up sequences. Every game is unique; different events will occur, different challenges will emerge, and different spoils will be taken each time you play. Spread, strengthen, subjugate!

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Common Aztez Art Questions Answered!


We get these questions a LOT: Is Aztez 2d or 3d? How do you outline your assets in black? What shader are you using to create your look? Why make a game in this style? 1. Is Aztez 2d or 3d? Aztez is indeed fully 3d! That’s why it works with the Oculus. Our characters are skinned skeletal meshes with 3d animations.┬áThe only 2d assets we use are in effects. 2. How Do You Outline Your Assets In Black? For the outline, we use the traditional real-time method of creating solid outlines; in the mesh, we create a shell of faces around the object whose face normals are inverted, and then we color that shell whatever color we want the […]

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Team Colorblind

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    Team Colorblind is Ben Ruiz and Matthew Wegner, an American independent game development team based in Phoenix, Arizona. They are foolishly attempting to make a game as incredible as Capcom®'s Alien™ Vs. Predator™.

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  • Ben Ruiz

    Ruiz is the artist, animator, and combat designer on Aztez. He is a formally educated artist and designer and teaches game production at Phoenix technical schools and universities throughout the year. He is an Independent Games Festival judge and visual art jury member. He has been working in games since 2004.

  • Matthew Wegner

    Wegner is the highly versatile programmer, metagame designer, and biz dev guy on Aztez. He is a co-chair of the Independent Games Festival, advisor to the Independent Games Summit, Indie Fund member, occasional photographer, and curator for Unity's "Unite" conference. He has been working in games since 2001.

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