Aztez – A Game of Conquest and Brutality

Aztez Officially Coming to (All!) Consoles

Ben and I are at the Game Developer's Conference this week (and PAX East is right around the corner).  When we show the game in public, we're frequently asked where we're releasing.  Up until now our answer has always been "PC, and hopefully as many consoles as we can".

We're happy to announce that Aztez is officially coming to PS4, Vita, Xbox One, and Wii U!

Our first release will still be on Steam (PC/Mac/Linux), with consoles releases as soon as possible afterwards.  If we could, we'd love to launch on everything at once, but really there are just the two of us and launching on a console is a ton of work.   We'll have more timeframe details as we get closer to release! In the meantime, enjoy this sweet new combat teaser:

The PlayStation Blog just posted about the new Aztez trailer, and our new combat demo build will be playable on Xbox One hardware at the Unity GDC expo booth. Swing by and say hi if you're in San Francisco!

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  1. Exciting news! Nice work guys and have a good time at GDC. The new trailer looks dope as hell, the new particles and moves looks sweet! BAMF!

  2. Consider one more copy sold on Wii U!

  3. Can’t wait! Not enough of these out there on consoles.

  4. That meander between the A and Z in the Aztez logo is an ancient Greek thing.

  5. I’m Mexican when I watch the trailer my brains blowout because looks very incredible!, how do this game I can’t wait to play the game on the my XBOX ONE.!!!!

  6. Awesome news on getting them all consolated!

  7. Yeah, but will you bring it to the Sega Saturn?

  8. No plan for the PS3? :(

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