Aztez – A Game of Conquest and Brutality


We've struck a deal with the super cool folks over at Eighty Sixed Clothing, purveyors of elite gear! You've perhaps seen their robust line of Skullgirls merch. It is robust! And now, they've gone and produced the first few items of what will (hopefully) eventually be another robust line of awesome products. I am proud to present the first three official pieces of Aztez merch!

As die hard fans of hardcore indie titles, they approached me at the LVL Up Expo in Las Vegas and told me what they do. They get inspired, produce and ship merch, stream the game to their rabid community, and even bring it to trade shows with them for people to play. It wasn't a hard sell! Mind you, this is a licensing deal; Eighty Sixed is doing ALL the work here, so show them love! When you get some of these amazing shirts, send a photo to the Aztez Facebook page so we can put it in our fan album! And of course, be sure to check out the happenins' at the Eighty Sixed Facebook page as well.

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Making GIFs Out Of Footage

Inspired by the amazing work that Team Hitbox likes to post on their Tumblr account in animated GIF form, I underwent the process of figuring out how to do the same thing. I've experimented with this before but with terrible terrible results. GIFs are such a fun and easy way to share exciting motion, and now that I've figured it out I'd love to share it so you can do the same thing with your awesome game. First things first, you need to capture some footage. I use Fraps. It's a super useful and cheap program that will capture a window and dump a near lossless video in the directory of your choice. There are many options for video capture and you should use whatever you're comfortable with. But Fraps is my preference and always has been. For me, I set up a scene right in Unity and tell Fraps to capture right out of the viewport.