Aztez – A Game of Conquest and Brutality

Where Is Aztez?!

As you can tell, Aztez did not release in 2014, like our promotional material from the last year and a half has been suggesting. We're very sorry! But with just a few moments left in 2014 I wanted to give those of you who have been patiently waiting an explanation on why exactly Aztez has yet to be released.


1. We're Just Two Humans!

We have two amazing humans writing jams for us, and we had another amazing human model and texture a -huge- amount of the enemy equipment for us, which saved me an enormous amount of time. But everything else is Matthew and I! That's not a complaint and it's not for sympathy; we like it that way. We're compulsive control freaks. Games like this should have larger teams, but despite this, we're pushing this massive, Indiana Jones-style boulder as fast as we can ourselves. It's getting there! But it's slow.

2. We're Financially Equipped!

Team Colorblind has the profound fortune of having angel investors. As of this writing (3 years of full-time work into Aztez), our angels still believe in us. They see what we're building and feel good, and the support they've given us has sustained us far longer than we ever imagined it would. And we've still got some lining in the coffers! So of course we're jamming as much content into game as we possibly can while we still have a runway.

3. We Have Very High Personal Standards!

We have re-designed, reiterated, re-produced, re-worked, and re-polished this thing at every stage of development many times over. It's just how we do things. We're the kind of people that refuse to hand you something that isn't beautiful and polished and meets the standards of today's sophisticated action gamer. Aztez will be competing for your attention in a space full of absolute giants, and there is no point in building what we're doing if we aren't fully committed to making sure it can stand in that space. I'm sure you all appreciate that, but hopefully you all understand this means prolonged development.

So What Now?

There is no release date, and I'm done trying to tell you when I think it will be. It's not fair to either us or you guys. What I can say is that there isn't a lot of production left to do! Most of the large-scale combat experience I originally envisioned has been built.

  • Many of the game's environments are constructed.
  • All of the game's character assets are built (thanks, Andrew!).
  • Most of the game's music has been roughed out and only needs final passes (and we've got a rad music announcement happening soon!).
  • Most of the game's enemies are designed, with only bosses left to design (which I'll begin once we started the beta and have a better idea of what type of action gamers we attract).
  • 6 of the game's 8 weapons are completely done. We haven't revealed weapons 5 through 8, but you'll love them.
  • And etc.

Bear with us a little longer! And when we have a release date, we will officially announce it and it will plastered all over the blog, website, FB, and Twitter. We promise. Thanks so much for hangin' in there with us and in case you missed the live stream of the most recent combat build of the game (the one we took to the Playstation Experience), here it is. :)

  • Altair

    I can wait for perfection, i’m really excited!

  • Daniel Gauci

    I was sad when I realised the game wasn’t releasing this year, then I read the article and it sounds even more promising than before…then I watched a minute of the video; the hype is real!
    The HUD looks clean. The new god move you added looks interesting, but how do you activate it?

    Also, how does/will this game compare to Muramasa Rebirth? (Vanillaware’s 2D beat-em up titles are the only ones that peak my interest for multiple runs)

    • popyea

      I can’t say this definitively, but my feeling is it will probably be better than Muramasa. Vanillaware’s beat-em-ups are pretty simplistic, though with interesting boss encounters sometimes. I think Ben’s own expectations for action games will mean that the combat in Aztez will aim for a level above what those games do.

  • Evan

    Haven’t checked back in a while, the amount of progress since I last saw is amazing and I’m getting more and more hyped for the final product!

    I do miss your combat analyses. I find game design extremely interesting so I always thought they were good reads. You should try out Ragnarok Battle Offline next time you need a break from Aztez.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Adenin

    So there are going to be bosses? That would be cool as i am oldschool arcade fan.

    • Matthew Wegner

      There are! Each of the classes of enemies has a boss type, plus some special characters in the mix…

  • Any update on the Xbox One release? I’ve been waiting for this game since I first saw it during Microsoft’s E3 2014 presentation during the IDatXbox montage.