Aztez – A Game of Conquest and Brutality

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Here is an index of the writings I've produced on beat 'em ups while developing Aztez, my inaugural foray into the world of combat heavy real-time action games. You can also use the tags on the sidebar to hone in on specific content.

Beat 'Em Up Analysis And Evaluation:

On Game Structure And High Level Game Experience:

On Beat 'Em Ups In General:

Personal Pieces:

Art Implementation:

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  • Glowyrm

    I really enjoy your analysis reviews, and was wondering if you could do an analysis on one of my all time favorite games… The Mark of Kri? It really endeared itself to me over the course of time I played it, and I was wondering what your thoughts on it were.

    • I love Mark Of Kri! And yeah, firing it back up again and doing an analysis on it would be a really fun exercise.

      • Glowyrm

        Thanks dude! If for nothing more than to get this game a little more attention as I feel it’s design has a lot to offer to both gamers and developers.

  • Ideas

    I was wondering, what are your thoughts on El Shaddai? I can’t seem to find anything that you’ve written about that game.

    • Ahh! I played the demo as soon as it came out and while I don’t recall specifics, I remember disliking it very strongly. But it’s been a while so I’m totally going to go check it out again. At this point I should be able to articulate why I don’t like it, if I do in fact still dislike it.

      *EDIT* I just ordered it. It will be here tomorrow and I will devour it. ;)